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Welcome to our online home! We’re AL Weddings – A Birmingham, Alabama based Husband and wife duo offering both photo and video.

Alex & Sara

The Photographers

We believe that love should be lively, it should be fun, it should make you laugh, and be full of joy.

Our passion? Couples who have so much fun together, they never want it to stop, so they get married. (That’s us. Hi!) We live and breathe for the incredible stories of joyful people coming together in love and becoming two people who are equally as cool as each other. We’re talking about the Chip-and-Joanna-Will-and-Jada-Ross-And-Rachel (Err… you know what we mean.) kinda love.

We believe in love that creates joyful genuine laughter all the way into your happily ever after!

Alex & Katie

The Cinematographers

Wondering if you’re an ALW Bride?

Do you believe in the kind of love that makes you so joyful, you can’t help but smile all day long?

Do you believe in love that is so genuine, it gives you permission to truly be yourself?

Do you believe in the kind of love that makes you so elated to wake up every day and live life with your best friend?

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Are you a photographer?

In the words of Drake “Started from the bottom, now we’re here” after 5+ years and over 100 weddings we’ve grown our business to net a 6 figure income. It doesn’t come easy but one-on-one education is one thing that can fast-track your success.