A Hawaii Wedding & Family Vacation

January 11, 2018

ALOHA!!!! It's been a busy couple weeks since getting back from Hawaii and let's be honest ... Our suitcases are still upstairs ... mostly unpacked but can't seem to get everything back in its perfect little place.  EVENTUALLY! I hope.  We had so much fun in Hawaii and although these pictures don't show the excitement we were having it sure does show the beauty of Hawai'i.  Looking back I guess we were either chasing Jax, eating, or driving around haha So being in front of the camera didn't happen often.

We took a cruise on Norweigan Cruise Line; however, before we left we stayed in Honolulu, HI for a few days leading up.  This was a fantastic idea because we were not fixing the jet lag on the ship.  I'll say this the biggest time difference we have ever encountered and it was very difficult to shake.  We stayed in this adorable condo just a hop skip and a jump away from Waikiki Beach and it was basically the perfect location ever; THANK YOU AIRBNB!  The first photo on the left is the view from our little patio :) The one on the right is where Free Willy jumped ... just kidding that's actually in Oregon ... for real though it's on the North Shore of Oahu.  Where we stopped for the day to grab some food and watch a little surfing at the Banzai Pipeline.  We wished we could have seen the actual competition; however, due to the craziness of the waves they had to suspend it for a couple days!  Either way ... people were still out there surfing and having a great time!

We went to Pearl Harbor (OF COURSE) and also went to the Punch Bowl.  Both of which were so magnificent to see and really loved doing a little History lesson amongst our vacation.  After that we kinda just bee bopped around the island of Oahu until boarding the cruise ship.  From there we traveled to Maui, The Big Island and finished up in Kauai.  I think Maui and Kauai being a big favorite of ours and a reason to certainly go back - & maybe relax this time??

Maui was gorgeous!  We did the Road to Hana which are the photos you will see of some gorgeous landscapes and a one of Jax on the "red" sand beach.  We found the black sand too haha.  It was gorgeous and we enjoyed eating a little hut that allowed us to donate some money for a beer.  When in Rome?!  Our favorite part of the Road to Hana was actually the Road leaving Hana.  It's the same road but we got to drive along a riskier path and see the other side of the island which was the dry side and it was jaw-dropping.  It was almost like the Grand Canyon in feeling the photos don't do it justice and it was truly hard to see exactly what we were looking at.  Jax slept basically the entire drive - mostly due to him getting sick on this very day and starting the first of a few days where he ran a fever - NO FUN you guys.

The Big Island isn't pictured because it rained the entire time and was freezing hahaa so we got off one day and then stayed on the boat the next.  Not a bad decision on our part.  Sadly it definitely didn't seem as impressive as the other islands.  We finished in Kauai where my brother got married!  It was a beautiful ceremony next to a waterfall and couldn't have dreamed of a more beautiful setting.  I loved it being small and knowing every single person that surrounded them with love.  We took a break at the beach to take some fun photos before heading out to the Luau - SO MUCH FUN! We woke up the next day and did a day cruise to see the Na Pali Coast.  OH MY GOSH! Another moment of it doesn't even do it justice.  We had to have sat on our balcony for an entire hour looking at the same thing over and over.  It was truly gorgeous and some of the most primitive land that I have ever seen.

We had so much fun!  Of course, a vacation isn't complete without some hiccups or sickness but we enjoyed our time with my precious family.  Definitely will have to make a trip back when Jax is older and it can be a bit more relaxing hahaha but it was certainly a must see!!!


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