Best Birmingham Getting Ready Venues

April 8, 2019

Although there are some great wedding venues around Birmingham that offer an "all in one" kind of experience.  Many times you need a GOOD place to get ready for your wedding day! On top of that, it should have lots of pretty window light and is easily commutable to your wedding venue or church.  So, we have come up with our top 5 getting ready locations in Birmingham if your wedding venue doesn't already include it (or it's not ideal).


Elyton Hotel

This is certainly a big favorite of ours! The white walls make everything so clean and non-cluttered and on top of that, they have an amazing "Ely Suite" that offers PLENTY of room for a bunch of guys or girls!


The Renaissance at Ross Bridge

A classic and comfy hotel feel that has many rooms to hold a group of ladies getting hair and makeup done & enough window light to make a room feel bright and well lit. Doesn't hurt that they have some pretty spectacular balconies too!


The Grand Bohemian Hotel

Nestled right off of highway 280 The Grand Bohemian hotel is close to just about everything and has the best onsite bar for guys to hang out while they wait for portraits. It's walking distance to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens - never a bad thing!


The Redmont Hotel

We love the brightness of these hotel rooms but sadly their size is a little on the smaller size; however, if you have a smaller party than this is a perfect fit with even better views on their rooftop bar!


The Tutwiler Hotel

A classic go-to for Birmingham weddings! We have so many bride and grooms getting ready here that it almost feels like home. The presidential suite is without a doubt our favorite at this hotel because it offers plenty of space for people to spread out & more windows for that beautiful light to shine through!



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