Amy and Eric

Elegant Engagement Session in Downtown Birmingham

January 11, 2019

When an engagement session is everything in your dreams you HAVE to share before the weekend! It all started with a phone call with a sweet voice on the other end needing a special someone to capture engagement photos before their wedding day in Charleston, SC.  Wow, are you in luck we are actually available in the next couples weeks haha. We had to have sat on the phone for at least 30 minutes going in and out of engagement session talk but mostly going on a couple of tangents & ending the call going ... you must be my new friend.  Amy & Eric have got to be hand-picked for us.  They are funny & kind and just an overall joy to be around.  It's so easy to see how much they care for one another & the fact their laid back attitudes both mesh so well.

Wednesday earlier this week we met up in downtown Birmingham for their session.  It was windy ... it was cold & Amy was telling us all about the rough start to her day.  Now the fact she handled all of that and still managed to have a smile on her face truly says something about her personality and I loved it! It's pretty much the same thing I live by.  It happened & I can't fix it so let's have fun.  Eric was the same way except it wasn't him that had to wear heels, haha but he felt for Amy & if that doesn't make your heart soar I just don't know.  I love her outfit choices and that red dress with those red bottoms <3 Come on guys! These two!! Let's just all give them a great big CONGRATULATIONS because they are going to have the best day ever and who knows maybe we will just happen to make the trip for it.  I mean I could use a little Charleston in my life around April! CHEERS!


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  1. Lyn Frederickson

    Fabulous photos that capture their personalities as well as their love for each other.


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