Ashtyn and Eric

A Rainy Day Greenhouse Engagement Session

December 4, 2018

Happy Tuesday Friends!  We can't believe these two are going to be married in like 5 months and my oh my if we couldn't be even more excited after their adorable engagement session on Friday.  I have to give major props to them.  It was totally not raining and wasn't supposed to at all the evening of their session; however, they managed to have fun anyways and the pay off is huge!  Ashtyn & Eric are some of the coolest people we have encountered and their love for each other is one that belongs in the movies, you know, "I wanna kiss you anytime I want" kinda movie.

We appreciate and love their willingness to go with the flow and just enjoy the time with us.  Although by the end of it we were all a bit wet I think this one will remain in my mind and my heart for a very long time.  I know we have met some new amazing friends and I can't wait to be with them as they say I do in front of their precious friends and family.  Congratulations you two & April 6th can't get here soon enough <3


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