January 7, 2019

What a year 2018 was!  There was so much to see and enjoy & I think although it felt to be a difficult year we managed to make the best of some situations (RIP Ae Ae Banana).  Learning every year how to be a better person, spouse, parent, photographer, etc can start to feel overwhelming but we grow even though we don't mean to.

This year we learned how to love our clients better & how to serve them in a different way than ever before!  We are kicking off our first annual newlywed party this WEEK & we can't wait to continue this for our future clients! We found stepping away from social media in certain aspects helped us grow even though at times it felt like we would get lost in the noise. Instead, we became better at NOT being the noise - so a big win for us & our hearts!  We grew in terms of travels and relationships with friends which have let us walk away from 2018 with an even better surrounding of people that we haven't truly had before.

From Charleston to Jamaica to traveling a few places around the southeast and then up to Wisconsin we ended the year only a couple weeks after our last trip & right about now we sure do miss that snow - even if it comes with a little more chilly weather.  As we say every year ... thank you for being with us.  6 years sure did go by fast and it's very heartwarming we still talk to our couples from our first year all the way up to our current.  AL Weddings has grown larger than we ever imagined or dreamed so everything after this is a wonderful bonus <3 I know 2019 is already shaping up to pulling us around the country and for that we are incredibly excited!

Enjoy our short as possible highlight of 2018 <3







There is no way we are going all the way to  Charleston without a couple of pictures before dinner.  One day ... that house could be our home <3 Dreamin' Y'all!



Speaking of the sweet Charleston wedding couple, Alayna & Jeff!



2018 was the first year we were invited to teach other photographers at a local styled event.  We had so much fun working with these wonderful students and have loved seeing everything that they have been working on during the remaining 2018.  These people are going place!





We loved attending our first conference!! We loved meeting so many new and familiar faces & hope we get a chance to go back this year.  We grew during these days as business owners and the education was invaluable.

December held Christmas, our last two weddings of the year and a big trip to visit family in Wisconsin.  We had so much fun we literally took almost no digital photos.  Photographer fail!  We had a lot of fun playing with our Instax though and have plenty of little printables to help remember the trip. Thank you for being along with us for yet another year and we can't wait to experience all 2019 has to offer!




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