Chandler and Forest

A Fall Birmingham Engagement Session

November 8, 2018

Happy Friday Y'all!  We are so happy to end the week with this sweet and adorable couple!  Chandler & Forest are literally the perfect pair and meeting up with them for their engagement session in Birmingham this week was such a treat!  Like most sessions, we had everything planned to a T ... Where? When? What? How? All the things! But then ... Alabama happened.  Y'all! It was raining like no other rain on the day of their session.  That was of course after beautiful blue skies that morning.  I can't make this up and I'm telling you this is what it's like to live in this insane and confusing state.  However, after talking about it and replanning and even a close cancellation call due to said weather.  We made up our minds!  It's happening rain or shine!  Well, it, of course, didn't rain at all during the session and even a tiny bit of sunshine came out at the beginning.

We had an amazing time!  These two will be saying their vows next Summer and we can't wait!  It's going to be a wonderful day filled with even more laughter and smiles, as if that could be possible!  Huge congratulations to these two on their engagement!  I don't think we could be more excited if we even tried <3


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