Leta and Andrew

Rooftop Engagement Session in Birmingham

February 8, 2019

It’s been an amazing week!  It feels like we are in full swing of Spring when in reality we haven’t even gotten started yet!  We are just dreaming to the future for the sweet clients we have coming up and Leta & Andrew are one of them!  An instant connection formed when we talked over the phone and I knew once we met in person that it was going to be a wonderful new friendship.  Just as I suspected Leta is not only obsessed with Beyonce but shares a hidden talent with us and for that we are in love! A common love for music and also singing along with it is something that we can share with her! 

Andrew is such a gent.  Not only is he incredibly smart, I’d tell you what he does but it might be a little longer than a sentence. Just know he’s very smart and such an entrepreneur which is of course a big thing we love about him! In addition to all that he has a love for speed and likes to be a driving coach for Race Car Drivers (hope I said that right Andrew!) in his “hustle” time haha which is just another fancy term for spare time around our house.

These two are obviously so smitten for one another and much more than all their amazing qualities we love the love they share! It’s one of those tangible ones and we love being able to feel it as well as see it in the photographs.  We had an amazing day & who would have known it was February! The 70 degree temps definitely aren’t speaking “winter” to us but hey we will keep them as long as we can and pray for that early Spring - a certain couple of people are ready to move some plants in the ground and outside! Until next time <3 Enjoy!

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  1. Ann Thompson

    Leta, is more beautiful than when she was younger. Best wishes to the handsome couple.


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