Courtney Bell

Birmingham Wedding Planner Spotlight – La Belle Vie

April 5, 2019

First up in our wedding planner spotlight is Courtney Bell with La Belle Vie! If you missed our top 10 favorite wedding planners - check them out!  Funny enough I remember sharing a high school (Sara) with this girl and who knew we would become wedding industry friends! I love how the world has a funny way of bringing people together. We have had the blessing to work with her on a couple of weddings and know she is so sweet and serves every couple well!


La Belle Vie - Birmingham Wedding Planner

Years in Business:

I am celebrating 4 years this year! YAY!

Why did you become a wedding planner?

I truly feel that this profession was a calling on my life. I knew that I wanted to have my own business and I loved weddings; so, I went to assist a florist one day - just to check it out, mind you - and left knowing that God had called me to the wedding industry. Those are moments you never forget! I actually called my cousin to tell her the good news, and she ended up being a client of Sara and Alex's a few years later!

What is your favorite wedding style?

I personally love traditional and fine art styled weddings, but have fun planning weddings of all design influences! Each bride has her own unique style and it is so fun to see that play out in the design of the wedding day!

What are typically your favorite photos from a wedding day?

I love candid shots of the bride and groom or the bride and her maids. Those raw moments are what I adore. Oh and I do love some good detail pictures (but I mean that comes with the territory of being a planner, right?)!

What is your picture-perfect evening?

My picture perfect evening would definitely include being with friends or family at the beach. I love being near the ocean and watching the sunset - I feel such peace in those moments when all you can do is sit there and admire the handiwork of God.

What is the number one tip for a bride when picking her wedding photographer?

Pick a photographer that you "click" with (photography pun intended). You spend so much time with your photographer on the day of the wedding, and it is crucial that you feel comfortable and at ease with them as you navigate the day. If they can make you laugh - all the better in my opinion! Your wedding day should be joyful and photographers contribute a great deal to that fact.

What is your #1 wedding day tip?

I feel like there are so many things that I could say here, but I will simply say what I tell all of my brides: drink plenty of water and make sure to eat throughout the day. It is so important to stay hydrated and having a snack will give you that extra energy you need to power through the day (wedding days are long - it's a marathon, not a sprint).

What is your best wedding day advice to give a bride?

To simply enjoy the day and remember what the day is all about - marrying the love of your life. As much as the flowers, catering, cake, and such are important and fun - the most important thing is the marriage and all that it encompasses.


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