Lauren and Jacob

Tuscaloosa Engagement Session at Capitol Park

February 4, 2019

Last week has some crazy weather & the fact it ended with such gorgeous sunshine and temperatures was a little shocking.  Although, if there is anything I have learned about living in Alabama is that you should never doubt that the weather can go from a possible snow day to Spring weather all within the same week. Well, after rescheduling this session once for rain, a second time for a snow day and landing on the third day just truly made it feel meant to be.  We received the best weather for this time of year and we couldn't be more excited about that!

We met Lauren & Jacob for their engagement session and it was our first in-person meeting and it was just an instant connection.  They are so much fun to around and you got to appreciate the fact that Jacob did such a wonderful job showing love to his lady Lauren even though that's not always his thing! I think it should definitely be his thing from now on haha he does it so well! Lauren could pull off an effortless giggle or hair swoop with perfection the first time around. These things combined made this such an easy and breezy session for us. We ended the evening at the Riverwalk.  Which, new to us, was actually 5 miles long. Thankfully we arrived early and found the locations we had scouted online - because we never realized it was so BIG. Thankful for a gorgeous river view and an amazing sunset that we JUST had to wait for! Can't wait to celebrate Lauren & Jacob in August at Northriver Yacht Club with Kendal Perry Wedding Planning! It's going to be the best day!


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