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We believe in redefining what a perfect image is. (I mean, the “world’s kinda perfect” is boring. Can I get a witness?) We believe perfect is the way he looks at you and makes you laugh with one glance or how adorable she is when she tries to sing but is WAY off key. We believe perfect is what’s really happening in your hearts toward each other, we just happen to be there to capture it when it shows up in the way you play.
Even when you grow old, we hope you both will still be chasing each other around the dance floor (and pinching each others butts whenever possible.) That sounds perfect. Perfection is that you choose to love each other everyday, laughing with each other, and making the best out of every situation, together. Life together in love is joyful, unscripted, and images should be the same. We believe that perfect love is as unique as you!
We believe inside jokes are one of the things that make a marriage last, that perfect moments are simply when you are together because you make each other better and when the coffee is strong & spa days are long.
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Hey Y’all! We have been in your shoes & we totally get it. Finding a photographer is hard – been there, done that. Watch us talk, work, & get a feel for us.  From this you can truly see being in front of the camera isn’t nearly as bad as you might think! We know you can only get so much from a consult or phone call! See us in action as we take pictures of Hilary & Hunter!



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01. DID We just become best friends?



Ahhh, the age old question. First looks are not an essential part of the wedding day. However, we do find that our couples who choose to do a first look get more photos, have smoother wedding day time lines, and can have a sunset ceremony.


As much as we value the medium of film we are currently not photographing with a film camera.  We do use film as inspiration when editing and offer fine art prints to our clients.

04. Do I need an Engagement Session?

Other than the obvious, like using them for your save the dates, the engagement session is a great chance to work with us and see our style of posing, our personalities, and plus it lets us get to know you guys more. It’s like a little pre-wedding training session so by the time your wedding day rolls around, we’ll be your old friends Alex & Sara.

05. How long does it take for me to get my photos?

We like to deliver full wedding galleries within 3-weeks. Although don’t be surprised if you’re looking at your full wedding gallery while you’re on your honeymoon!

06. Can you photograph & video our wedding?

Yes! There are two sets of husband and wife teams at AL Weddings. Alex & Sara Lucas are your photographers, and Katie & Alex McKown are your videographers. Nothing like 2 couples who have been there and planned that to help you with your wedding day!

07. but i’m awkward! what to do?

As much as it may look like we only photograph models, 99% of our clients haven’t been photographed since their high school yearbook photo. Trust me, you’re not awkward!!! Even if you are a little nervous, that’s perfectly normal. After 10 minutes with us, we promise, you won’t even know you’re being photographed.

08. Is one of you the main shooter and the other a second shooter?

This is NOT the case with AL Weddings. We are both “main shooters” We can work separately and independently of each other. This means more photos, more variety, and a more comfortable schedule with the same gorgeous quality.

09. What’s your favorite TV Show?

Anything on Netflix is certainly fair game.  We are currently spending our non-working hours reliving “Friends”. The best classic!

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