12 P.M.

Sara & Alex arrive at Bride’s getting ready location.

Note: When we arrive at this time. Sara will capture the small details and Alex will capture final getting ready shots of the Bride.  Once, this is complete Alex will head over to see the groom before the bride gets’s in her dress!  If anything will delay a wedding day it’s Hair & Makeup so we recommend always planning to finish a little earlier than needed.

1 P.M.

Sara & Alex will photograph the bride getting in her gown & adding her jewelry.

Note: If the groom is available at this time then Alex will go spend extra time with the groom while Sara captures some bridals & the girls hanging together!

2 P.M.

The time to tell each other how great the other looks, cry, & let the stress fly away.

Note: We like to be unintrusive during these special moments.  We will take a step back and let you take as much time as you need.

2:15 P.M.

Alex & Sara will capture some quick portraits while wedding party starts making their way over.

Note: Emotions after a first look are so high we like to get a chance to capture those amazing smiles that are genuinely already appearing.

2:30 P.M.

Time to hang with your friends!

Note: We like to make these as fun and speedy as possible!  Take the time and enjoy laughing and hanging out with friends!

3:15 P.M.

The great thing about doing a first look is you get some unstressed, relaxed time with your family!

Note: If possible we do these before the ceremony and recommend at this time to just do immediate family.  We can spend a few minutes after the ceremony doing extended family if you would like!

3:45 P.M.

Alex & Sara will photograph ceremony details & set up for the reception if applicable.

Note: We like to be sure you get a little downtime before the ceremony begins.  So this is the perfect chance to grab a chicken nugget or two and sip on some water.  Sit back & relax … It’s about to be official.

4:30 P.M.

HEY, HEY It’s wedding time!

Note: Our goal during the ceremony is that no matter where it is we will remain unobtrusive and least distracting as possible to your guests.  We know it’s such a special time and we don’t want it taken away from anyone!

5:00 P.M.

WELL, Look at you!  Officially Husband & Wife!

Note: We get asked why are these portraits so important? Well, it’s a little bit of alone time together and not to mention your guests will need some time to get in the reception to prepare for your entrance.  However, the most important?  The joy that comes from our couples after a ceremony is unmatched to any other time of day! So, come hang with us & all the beautiful sunset light!

5:30 P.M.


Note: We are so happy to watch you guys enjoy your evening!  We are always close by if you need anything but we love to spend this time capturing candid portraits of your friends, family & you just being you!

9 P.M.


Note: Whatever you pick we are there for it!  Sparklers are our faves but we have some other amazing options if your venue doesn’t allow it!  Just ask us and we would love to help! Cheers!