Meet us

We are 2 married couples that are best friends… Well, we’re pretty much family at this point! All 4 of us have a deep passion for cultivating relationships and cherishing marriages. Both couples going on 5 years of marriage, there’s just something in us that still pulls a tear at each wedding. Maybe it’s the mother-son dance or maybe it’s how they met – either way, there’s just something about being wedding photographers and videographers that keeps our passion going.

Alex & Sara

Maybe it was our love of all things Chip and Joanna, our amazing taste in Netflix shows or our deep love for take-out that lead us together… (OR a chance meeting at the mall with some friends when we were 14.) We blissfully got swept up in a whirlwind romance, fell madly in love for what seemed like forever and were torn apart by our distance – Ok so, It lasted 2 weeks, we lived 30 minutes apart and we didn’t have cars. #teenagers.

A chance meeting brought us back together, (I think it was on the front porch at a mutual friend’s house?) and from that moment on we were inseparable. What tore us apart now brought us back together (We had cars. And were also adults. #score.) and our love story blossomed into a New York Times best-selling rom-com…

Katie & Alex

Well, how’s this for clients turned friends? We were the first AL Weddings couple & turns out God had big plans!

It’s been years since Katie talked Alex’s ear off on their first date at the movies; a classic pick of course. The night ended in a romantic late night snack at a nearby Waffle House where discussions of big life plans – or lack thereof – were held. A romance blossomed in that coffee shop & there was no looking back.

Those sweet college kids still live deep within us & no matter how busy life gets we still manage to carve out time for each other to fall in love all over again. There is thankfully much less studying and lots more celebrating these days. Give us any reason to travel with our little Yorkie, Lola, & we are two happy campers.

our philosophy

We believe that a marriage should be ridiculously fun – POP that bubbly kinda fun & that the happiest couples are the ones that are cultivating that once in a lifetime connection full of freedom to genuinely be themselves.
We believe that doing life together should be the most enjoyable adventure and include a lot of long walks to go get more queso, together. (For real. This is an important marriage fact. Write it down.)
We believe that some of the most romantic moments are the ones when you are laughing together until you cry or snuggled up to watch Netflix and you let THEM choose – Compromise they say