Downtown Birmingham Engagement Session

November 28, 2017

We are so excited to share these two with you!  Their fun, free & hilarious personality kept us laughing and having a good time throughout their entire Birmingham engagement session.  This day has been a long time in the making and something we didn't even know would happen ... but Shawn did.  Long, long ago when we were still doing consults at Barnes & Noble / the closest Starbucks is when we met Shawn.  We were talking with a potential client (SPOILER ALERT - They did become a client - Kaylen & Daniel).  After the consult, Shawn came up and asked for a card.  He spoke about how he has found a lady & he was thinking of proposing! That day we said our Hellos, thank yous, & goodbyes and little did we know he would keep that card!  So from the end of 2015 all the way to 2017, our little card stayed with him somehow, some way.

Well, then a current bride had to switch her date.  After she did so Shawn inquired for her old date!  The craziness of this entire thing has kept us on our toes!  We can't wait for their wedding day & we know for certain that us photographing them & their wedding day was certainly meant to be! Thank goodness for that because these two are too sweet!!


"Shawn and I never go on date nights but we had gotten a Fandango gift card for Christmas that we hadn't used (in late January). We also hadn't celebrated our anniversary in the last 2 years either! So, we went to our first date spot before the movie. Shawn was in charge of dinner reservations and I was in charge of movie tickets, which I bought, not knowing what was coming. We got to Stix and enjoyed the experience of the hibachi grill, but Shawn kept insisting I had lipstick on my face/teeth. You need to know 2 things about me: 1. I'm stubborn as hell sometimes and 2. I sell LipSense which is a lip color that does. not. budge. I kept refusing to go to the bathroom and started getting annoyed that Shawn was so persistent. Then the group next to us tried to take a group selfie but failed, so I offered to take it for them. When I handed their phone back, Shawn handed them his and asked them to return the favor. The guy kept saying "it's in video mode" and Shawn would say "I know." I was confused and thought it was weird. Then Shawn stands and tries to get me to stand too. I refused, assuming he was trying to make me dance or something. Shawn pulls me up by the arm and pulls out a wooden box. Cool! A box! Why would he bring a box to dinner? Then he opens the box and I see the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. Then I blacked out and only remember the rest because of the video that our hibachi neighbors recorded! I was so stunned after dinner that I insisted we still go to the movie since we'd already used the gift card. Shawn was hoping we'd go celebrate instead, but he agreed. We definitely should not have gone because I can barely tell you anything about the movie but I know my ring looked amazing the whole time!"


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