Angelica and Jay

Indian Ceremony at Mathews Manor

April 2, 2019

Friends, blessed doesn't even begin to cut it.  We had an AMAZING getting to know Angelica and Jay & falling in love with their hearts and personalities along the way.  These two are just as cute as they come and it only gets better when they are together.  They have a tangible kind of love and the ability to laugh through anything. Jay is the perfect organizer and made us feel right at home to be able to capture our first Indian ceremony & we are very blessed to have given such a wonderful and beautiful job this weekend! Check out Day 2 of their wedding weekend!

These two have been busy prepping and their 1st ceremony came on Friday where we celebrated the most we possibly could in a 4-hour span. From bridal portraits to couples photos than to the start of the Barat and ceremony these two were full of energy despite their tiredness. AMAZING! Jay landed his decision to be on a horse and carriage during The Barat and WHAT A SHOW STOPPER! He looked as I would say "super duper cool" and can certainly dance better than we could ever dream to.

We loved the casual but religious nature of the ceremony and the many points of symbolism behind each detail.  Being in weddings for 6 years we have seen it all in our own wheelhouse but it was so incredible to us to be able to photograph something so new to us. It gave a little extra beat in our hearts and gave us a little extra pep due to the excitement of it all.  We are so happy for these two and can't imagine not spending the weekend with them! What a blast and that is exactly why Angelica & Jay get TWO blogs of their very own <3 Cheers Y'all!

-the creative team-

Photography: AL Weddings | Venue: Mathews Manor | Florist: Mathews Manor |

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  1. Shruti Modi

    Grand ceremony , we missed it .
    May God shower all His blessings .


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