Morris Ave & Railroad Park Engagement Session

November 10, 2017

Happy FriYAY Friends!!

We hope everyone has had an amazing week & we are sharing a little more happiness to carry into your weekend!  We are going to be enjoying a nice quiet weekend off for the first time in about 8 weeks. Let's thank all things good for having a tiny break before finishing up our last few weddings of the year!  Jordan & Stewart were so much fun to hang out with!  Stew is pretty much the perfect guy to cut up and joke around with.  He is so easy going and fun that it would have been impossible to have a bad time!  Jordan fits perfectly with him because she so clearly enjoys his sense of humor ... or at least she made us think she did!  Either way, we enjoyed a little overcast on Monday & got out and about in the downtown area to capture some adorable engagement pictures in Birmingham!

These two got to revisit a pretty special location while we were shooting ... the place where Stewart proposed!!! Yet another Railroad Park Engagement that we are sooo in love with!! We read his adorable proposal story and thought you would love it to!  Stewart has a sweet little girl & he also was in a "meeting for work" prior to the proposal just to fill you in on the story a little! ENJOY!

"So while he was in his "meeting his daughter, Maddie, and Jordan went to the park and played. He called after the meeting was over and asked the girls to come to the pond area to see the ducks, so they did. From behind a bush Jordan's parents popped out, handing something to Maddie. Maddie ran towards Jordan with a sign, reading, "Will you marry my daddy?" Once Jordan read the sign, she looked up to see Stewart down on one knee." *CUE THE AWHHHHH* WAY TO GO STEW!

We had such a blast getting to know these two and hearing even more about their big wedding plans for March 2018.  We will be watching these two say "I Do" at Third Presbyterian Church in downtown Birmingham with their reception at the Regions Field Ballroom!  Stew is a big baseball fan sooo you can surely bet that we will have some pretty amazing photos of these two lovebirds on the field and we are looking forward to every minute of this sweet wedding day!!



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