Kendra and Chandler

Railroad Park Engagement Session

February 6, 2019

It’s not every day that you meet someone and instantly click.  In our business with our clients we hope it happens every time & oh gosh we clicked with these two perfectly! Kendra & Chandler showed up a tiny bit flustered from the awful parking at Railroad Park and the traffic from a wreck on the way. Even with all of that - they were able to drop the stress seamlessly and move into chit chat as if nothing happened.

As we talked we learned so much about them outside of things we already knew like their Mobile, AL living.  Still jealous of their minimal drive to the gorgeous beaches! I was impressed by their love of adventure.  We’re aren’t talking your average I hiked at Oak Mountain kind of adventure either. These two have climbed MOUNTAINS together and I would take that as a figurative and literal trait of these two.  Kendra & Chandler started to interpret their 8 mile hike up a mountain …. 1 …. WAY! That’s right.  A whopping 16 miles round trip.  Chandler giving his encouragement when Kendra says “I can’t go on” If that kind of adventure doesn’t set you up for a marriage of a lifetime I’m just not sure what does.  They made it to the peek together and have amazing photos to prove it - seriously… You guys might have a gift for iPhone photography on top of mountains LOL.

So, after we talked about the mountains, the yoga, the cat mugs, the cats … , & all the things in between we left with a sense of new friendship which is all we truly want with each client.  I feel in love with their story and their love for one another and so they made our job so easy at this session. Can’t wait for their big day this Spring at Mathews Manor!! “We aren’t photo people” HA! Take that statement and throw it out the window. Who agrees with us? *comment below* CHEERS!



  1. Brenda Lowe

    Well, I might be just a little biased, but these are two beautiful people – Inside and Out!! You have absolutely captured the best of them. Of course, you – Alex and Sara – had a lot to do with putting them at ease, giving them the confidence to relax in front of the camera, and bring out those beautiful smiles on their faces. Thank you for giving them one of the best photography sessions ever! We are so looking forward to the wedding and the precious moments you all will capture there.


  2. Lynn Hand

    An absolute beautiful couple. They look so happy and in love.

  3. Tyeler Estes

    Chandler & Kendra are the epitome of relationship goals. They are a great team and truly complement each other. These photos are beautiful. They really capture the essence of their love.


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