2018 Newlywed Party at The Donnelly House

January 25, 2019

Oh friends! Happy Friday.  I don’t know what it is about January but I continuously catch my self reflecting almost the entire month.  There is always some sort of grief I feel leaving another year behind. Sometimes its personal things like Jax entering his 3rd year of life or just amazing things that happened the year before.  On top of all that we always miss our couples. Truly, we just really enjoy this life a little too much sometimes and I’m surprised we didn’t think of doing the party until now.  What we didn’t realize was how much our couples really wanted to be a part of it to see us of course … but they actually LOVED meeting other couples in the same season of life as them.  Who would have known?

We will certainly be continuing it for the reason mentioned above.  How can we not help connect our couples to not just back to us but to each other! I hope they find amazing friendships amongst the crowd and find themselves filled with even more joy! Having a good friend that knows what you are going through are worth their weight in gold!  

Well, time to get to the fun! Enjoy some snippets of our little party!  2019 couples … you are next!

-the creative team- 

Photography: A little bit of everyone at AL Weddings| Photobooth: Brandon Dunn | Venue: The Donnelly House | Planning: Kendal Perry Planning


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